Updated: Mar 30, 2020

To get a quick loan for an existing business, it is better to have all the requirements ready before applying, including the Pre-qualification form.

Business Loan

It is when a person already has a business and makes an investment (usually with a loan) to improve the building, purchase of new items or merchandise that allows him to expand the business, enable new services, include technological equipment, among others.

The main objective of an upgrade is to increase daily revenue by attracting more customers. For people to prefer a specific business, they must offer the services they need and good customer service. But it must also be a cozy place, where the client feels comfortable and makes life easier.

The Reality

A business that offers more variety of products and services makes it more competitive since people prefer specialized services, but at the same time cover everything related to a specific area.

An example to illustrate the idea is that someone has an auto repair business. Someone who has had a car accident needs to fix their car. This has a crash in the front which includes changing the radiator, fixing the entire front body of the vehicle, also changing the windshield.

If a business includes at least two of the services that the client mentioned above needs, it may go to that place. But if you offer all the services, it is almost certain that you would go to that business to fix your car, because you can solve all the problems in one place.

What people like

Some people do not care about the appearance of business if they receive the service they are looking for. However, another group of people who make up the majority, look more at the appearance of the place.

Psychologically, a well-presented business may offer a more expensive service, but many are willing to pay the price for comfort. A bad presentation is associated with misery, bankruptcy, and poor service. Although this is not true, it is how people think and usually behaves, sometimes they do not appreciate the hard work.

Upgrading the business

Before investing, must be clear on what you want to do, how and know how much to invest or how much I can dispose of. For this, a quotation for the work to be carried out must be made and based on this, the budget is planned. The next step is to choose a loan institution that helps you and feels reliable. A recognized institution will not make you have bad times because you will not have tricks that make you lose customers.

In many cases, the upgrade must be done by steps since the process can be very expensive. In these cases, you should plan based on priorities and take loans after another until you can complete the goal.

The most important thing is that I come from a family of small entrepreneurs for generations and after trying different loan companies, we realized that NBC is the one that offers us the best opportunities to grow our business.

I highly recommend National Business Capital NBC for the following reasons:

  • They are experts in existing business loans.

  • It doesn't matter if you have bad credit.

  • They offer several loan options.

  • Comfortable interest rates.

  • Your loan can be approved in 24 hours. Fast and simple.

  • They focus on helping you grow your business.

  • Approved by the Small Business Administration SBA.

  • They only require the business to be running for a minimum period of 6 months.

  • It only requires the business to have $ 10k in monthly sales.

  • It doesn't matter what type of business you have; Retail, Construction, Manufacturing, Auto Repair, Health Care, Trucking, Restaurants, Wholesale, and a lot more.

  • To obtain the loan you only need to fill out your NBC Loan application, and three months of the bank statement of the business.

NBC has a new offer due to Corvid-19, only have to use Use promo code: MERGEMAR2020 until April 20, 2020.

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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Tools to increase the credit score and obtain a personal loan for what you need.

Loans are very popular now a day, and it is almost impossible to survive without them. They also vary depending on the purpose. Years ago, people saved money, and then bought what they wanted or needed. In these times, people have more urgent needs that go well above the budget, because bills are very high and incomes low.

If I had money, I could sleep better, laugh more frequently, share every weekend with my family and friends, even share it with the one who doesn't have it. How bad have I done to you Mr. Money that you're always running away from me?

Some people say that money does not make happiness, but I believe that "Money leaves us at a street to happiness." Yes, when we have our unmet needs, our whole well-being see is affected.

The Fact About Money

Different studies have shown that financial problems can physically affect us because of stress-causing headaches, stomach problems such as gastritis and ulcers, constipation, and weak immune system. This means that financial problems make us the perfect target to get sick and acquire any virus or bacteria easily.

In the same way, a study conducted by the University of Southampton found that people who have financial problems and think a lot about debt have a higher risk of being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and higher stress levels. Also, people with these problems are at greater risk of abusing a substance, especially alcohol.

Also, Yale University conducted research last year, where they could find that people with financial problems, exclusively the poor, are at greater risk of being diagnosed with a mental illness and get a slower recovery. Not only this, people who have a mental illness, they also run the risk of being poor.

This means that if a person is poor or has financial problems, it is a target to trigger a serious mental illness. But also, a person who is not poor and acquires a mental illness due to financial problems can reach poverty with little hope of getting out of it. If we add to all this the physical diseases that can be acquired with this problem, in the end, you will be a disabled person who would get the minimum to survive.

The Good News

One of the possible solutions to acquire the well-being that you want both physically and emotionally is to look for the fastest and most economical way to get out of debt and fix your credit. For example: If you have $ 10,000 in credit card debts, paying 18% -22% in interest, you can obtain a consolidation loan that allows you to pay less interest and start saving. This would help you finish paying off your debts faster.

If you already have a loan and pay a lot of interest, you can opt for a loan which reduces interest. If for this or the reason above your credit is very low, you can fix it and then apply for the loan that reduces your interests.

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