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Small Business Loan Offer |Paycheck Protection Program| Limited-Time | SBA | Coronavirus Offer

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The global economic crisis that we are facing is beginning, and most of us are not yet ready to face it. Virtually no one has prepared or planned for an economic crisis. We are only reacting automatically to the flood of information that reaches us.

Small business owners are the first affected, as it is easy for them to go bankrupt. Likewise, for a small business, it is also much more difficult to avoid falling into bankruptcy due to that event, for that reason, most businesses are forced to take a business loan.

The National Business Capital NBC offers Funding for your business and approves it within 24 hours. They together with Fast Loan Solution have one we have an offer due to the current crisis of the COVID-19 and to help small entrepreneurs to solve immediate problems and avoid falling into bankruptcy.

-Does not matter what your small business is about.

-It does not matter your credit score.

-This the best moment to get approval that your statements are still good.

-Request information is easy.

-Click the link below this offer ends.

-Do not forget to use the Promo Code on the Note, or when they call you back.

-Businesses can borrow from 5k to 5m.

To do the process shorter:

-Keep the last three business statements on your hands before they call you back.

-Be sure your business makes 10k monthly sales.

-Ensure you are in business for at least 6 months.

Paycheck Protection Program PPP (NEW)

The payroll or paycheck loans are new, so some changes can happen over the days and even hours. This type of loan allows you to make payments to your employees even if you have not generated enough income, including yourself. You can apply for one loan of funds or capital and one of payroll at the same time, but you cannot apply for two paycheck loans at the same time. Before applying you need to know this:

  • People act fast because although it is to June 30, 2020, the funding available is limited and the, and first come first served.

  • All businesses must have under 500 employees. It includes Non-profits Organizations, Sole Proprietary, and Independent Contractors.

  • All loan terms will be the same for everyone, does not matter where you apply.

  • No one can charge you any fees. Period.

  • You cannot apply for more than one PPP loan, so applying in multiple places will not help.

  • Loan Cap: $10k

  • Interest Rate: 1%

  • Term: 2 Years

  • No payments for 6 months.

  • No personal guarantee or collateral.

  • No prepayment penalty.

  • No FICO or Cash Flow requirement.

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Use promo code: MERGEMAR2020 until April 20, 2020, for a Business Loan.

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