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Why Do I Prefer and Need a Private Student Loan?

Here I give a brief explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of private student loans compared to federal student loans.

The reality is that few students go to college or university without the need to apply for Financial Aid or student loan. These terms are normal in students of high academic level.

Well, each type of public or private student loan has its advantages and disadvantages. Although public student loans have lower interests, paradoxically they tend to be less popular.

The advantage and disadvantages of private student loans

Advantages. Although private student loans usually have a higher interest rate, they can also be offered at very low and comfortable rates for the student.

Private student loans do not have the limitations offered by federal loans. For example, federal student loans have a limit to be paid for college or university studies, but with private student loans, it can be extended.

Another advantage of private student loans is that international students and other students who are not eligible for Financial Aid and federal student loans.

If the interest is very high and the current loan is no longer convenient for you, you can apply for a refinancing of the student loan.

Disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages of private student loans is the interest rate because they may vary over time and increase and this does not usually happen with public student loans.

This is a loan like any other, therefore, the applicant student needs to have a good credit score or else needs a guarantor or co-signer to be approved.

The payment of private student loans usually begins before federal student loans, in many cases even when they are still in studies.

Each private student lender sets its own rules of the game as to the amount borrowed, however, there are general regulations on federal student loans.

My conclusion

Although private student loans are more difficult to obtain, be eligible and a higher interest rate, at the same time they offer greater freedom in terms of financing and the amount to borrow.

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